How Web Design Impacts SEO

Internet marketing

Did you know almost 80 percent of people who use search engines only click on organic links? About the same percentage will totally ignore paid advertisements. After learning about these facts, you should not be left in the dark with why search engine optimization is so important. Several elements can affect your website’s Seo score in a negative of positive way, like web design. The overall structure of a website plays a vital role for your search engine optimization score. Major search engines pay attention to web design and using premade templates is a common mistake a lot of new website owners make.

Increasing online sales is a process that requires you to take the time to have a professional web design company design your site. Search engine optimization generates traffic and potential customers while web design converts traffic into paying customers. Recent studies show visitors only spending a few seconds on a website before deciding whether they should leave or not. Poor web design will scare away potential customers, causing online sales to drop. The last thing a website owner wants to do is scare away customers and watch their sales drop to the floor. Even the retail industry is reliant on professional web design companies.

New studies show the retail industry receiving almost 40 percent of its customers from a search online. This proves how important it is to maintain your website’s search engine optimization score. While looking for a professional web design company, be sure to find a web developer that is providing solutions for mobile web design. Almost two thirds of mobile device users will use their smart phone or tablet to shop online. You want your websites to display properly on all mobile devices to increase online sales. Internet marketing relies on search engine optimization, web design and social media marketing.

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