What Web Design Can Do For a Company

Search engine optimization

It is amazing what details like web design and SEO can do. About 80 percent of search engine users never click on sponsored links, while an equivalent number click on natural search results. That is no surprise considering that 93 of Internet users start an Internet experience with a search engine, and retailers claim 39 percent of all customers come from search. But what happens when a client finds a website? How does he stay interested, and contribute to online sales? The best way to do that is through great web design.

Web design refers to changes in the front end of a website, or what the customer sees. This contrasts greatly with web development, which focuses on back end improvements. Good web design focuses on several elements, like user experience and social media. User experience often relates to issues of aesthetics, navigability and the content of the page. One wants to make sure that a website with good web design is easy to crawl through. One also wants to ensure that good web design has copy that is pleasing for search engine optimization, or SEO.

Web design also focus on links with social media. 90 percent of adults say they use social media frequently, so this is a great engine for lead generation. Good web design could include a blog, which has a Facebook that follows along. The best design will also be engaging to adults through social media, and provide customer support through Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately, social media should refer back to the website.

It is estimated that every other retail dollar will have Internet marketing influence by 2016. SEO can help a company tap into this marketing trend, but it cannot retain clients by itself. Only good web design can do that. With web design, a company can take its marketing strategy to the next level.

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