Different Types of SEO Resellers

Businessmen are looking for ways to increase revenue all the time. There are all kinds of ways and using the internet is one way to increase your income if you are in a web based businessman. SEO resellers are usually businessmen who offer web hosting, web design, social media services, online marketing or any other kind of internet based business. It is important for SEO resellers to look for the best reseller programs.

SEO resellers should look for programs that allow them to resell the services that are done by SEO firms if they want to be the type of reseller that can make a large amount of money online. The affiliate type of reseller does not make as much. The white label programs are the best for SEO resellers to get involved with because of the freedom they have to run their own business and the profit potential that is there for them.

White label SEO resellers get to pose as the actual service provider but in all reality they outsource their client’s work to their partner SEO firm. The SEO firm doesn’t ever get involved with the client. All client interaction is handled by white label SEO resellers. SEO resellers also get reports from the search engine optimization firm with their own name on the header.

White label SEO resellers are actually the middleman. There are also other kinds of SEO resellers that are more like affiliates only. In other words, the affiliate type of reseller only gets paid a certain percentage for their commission for their services. White label SEO resellers get paid a lot more than that. In fact, they make their money from the client. They handle all billing and they set their own pricing. White label resellers actually pay the SEO firm for the services they provide so they are more like and SEO outsource service. No matter what type of reseller you want to be, you’ll be delighted to find out how much of a profit you can make by getting into the search engine optimization industry.

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