Gaining Profits For Your Public Relations Business When You Resell SEO

When you run a PR business, choosing to also resell SEO to your clients can help to add an extra added bonus to your service packages. While public relations work is mostly done through physical channels, it is becoming more and more popular to branch out into cyberspace and when you resell SEO, you can help your clients to spread the word of their great reputation online as well as in the real world. Best of all, when you resell SEO, you will always be working with a professional to provide the services for you, allowing you simply to rebrand them with your own business name before passing them along to your clients.

Opting to resell SEO to your clients offers something unique because you can infuse their websites and social media profiles with search engine optimization to provide their websites and physical location with more customer traffic within a few short months. When you resell SEO, your customers can also use it to target a certain demographic which means if there is one particular product, service, or aspect of a client’s company that you are trying to bring more attention to, you can use an SEO program to highlight it. When they begin to see results, your customers will most likely ask for recurring services allowing you to resell SEO to them again and again for profit.

Of course, as a PR specialist, there will be other services you are providing and there is no reason you cannot bake the price of an SEO program into your general PR campaigns. Since every time you resell SEO, you are selling it under your label, your clients will believe that you created it yourself and will naturally think SEO is one of your skills. Such a simple idea can really give you an edge over your competitors.

Some customers might even come to you specifically for SEO services as your reputation grows. Even though it is not your primary business, there is no reason to turn away sales of any kind. Since it takes little effort to resell SEO, it is an easy way to generate more profits.

Since the public relations world is a high stakes environment, you should offer your customers every edge you can give them. Because SEO is such a powerful marketing tool, it is only natural for it to benefit your business. Your customers will be most pleased when they realize its capabilities.


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