Resell SEO Services For An Extra Income

It can be very difficult these days to make any money from the search engine optimization field. many people try to start their own SEO firm, which, although possible, is very difficult because there are so many well established SEO firms that already control such a large portion of the search engine optimization market. A much easier way to earn some money from the SEO field is to resell SEO services provided by one of these larger SEO firms. When you resell SEO services, you earn a commission off of any purchases of SEO services made by customers that you refer to the SEO firm you are working with; in this way, when you resell SEO you are much like an affiliate marketer working for one of the many websites that uses independent affiliates to market their goods. Affiliate marketers are paid a commission on any purchases of goods made by customers that they refer to the online store that they work for; when you resell SEO, the only difference is that you are selling a service rather than a physical good.

With the explosion in popularity of blogging and personal websites in recent years, it is a very real possibility that you can make good money if you resell SEO. With so many more people than ever running websites these days, the competition for the top spots on search engine results pages is fiercer than ever. More and more people are competing for the massive amounts of traffic and revenue that are generated by search engines compared to any other source, so just about everyone who operates a website is trying anything they can think of to increase their website’s favor with the various search engines. A proven set of techniques to raise the rank of websites with search engines is being marketing by various companies as search engine optimization, or SEO. These SEO firms do various types of work on customer’s websites, including things like keyword analysis and link building, to increase the traffic that websites receive from search engines. When you resell SEO services, you sell the services provided by these SEO firms to website administrators who desire to increase their traffic and revenue.

People who already work in an internet related industry, such as web design, are in an especially good position to earn an extra income when they resell SEO services. A web designer is in a great position to resell SEO services because he already has access to the perfect customer base. A web designer knows that one hundred percent of his existing customers already own and operate web sites, because they have build, designed, or redesigned them already. With access so a list of perfect customers like this, a web designer has only to take advantage of his existing relationship with his customers to sell them an additional service. When you resell SEO services, you do not perform any of the search engine optimization services yourself, so the addition of work to your workload is minimal, but the potential for profits is great. Even other people in the internet industry besides web designers, or people who are not yet in an internet related business at all, can make an extra income by reselling SEO however. All it takes to resell SEO services is time, dedication, and great salesmanship skills.


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