Services offered by an seo reseller

An seo reseller is an entity who does exactly what the name implies: search engine optimization is resold through another outlet other than direct means. This means that the seo reseller avoids direct marketing of their seo to customers, opting to instead sell it through other companies and allow them to brand it as their own product. This practice allows the brunt of the sales pitches to the firm that will be branding the service of the seo reseller as their own and allows the seo reseller to focus on winning the larger contracts of the marketing and internet agencies that will be reselling its product. The seo reseller charges a price that is reasonable enough to attract business by allowing a commission or mark up on the seo services being sold.

The benefits to using an seo reseller rest in the capabilities that a dedicated search engine specialist can offer to companies who simply do not have the technical capability to offer their customers the level of service that an seo firm can. Outsourcing that function can allow a broader spectrum of services to be offered and at a cost point that would be difficult to achieve through the construction of an in house seo team. The biggest hurdle when using an seo reseller is to maintain consistent branding and keep the impression that the seo reseller is actually part of their firm. While this may seem tricky, the practice is common and an seo reseller should be well equipped and have experience to handle whatever the branding needs may be. The use of search engine services is common practice and not doing so is missing a lucrative opportunity to increase traffic to a web site. Any time a marketing plan is conceived, it is an expectation that all methods will be employed to encourage traffic to the web site of the client. A seo reseller can be a key part of that plan.

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