The white label seo scenario

The white label seo scenario: You have a client who you have built a website for. They came to you with a concept and some sketches, you designed their home page using their logo and wrote custom copy based on content that they provided. You worked through every step of the build process with them, then uploaded the code to a server, which you host. They are completely in love with your work and the site. Now, three weeks after the launch of their site, they are not getting much traffic. According to web metrics, most of the traffic is being generated by people typing the URL directly into a browser. The assumption is that the advertising and marketing of the site is working, people are getting the web address from ads and are electing to go directly to the site from their browsers. The rest of the traffic that is expected comes from web searches, and it is just not coming through as they had hoped. What do you do?

You could send them off to find an seo agency to help drive results to their site. That is not direct competition to what you provide, but it does not look good when you have a customer sitting with a need and money in hand and you have to divert that to another vendor. The best case would be for you to provide seo yourself, but you do not have the capability of doing so. This can drive you to an easy, quick solution: white label seo. By finding a white label seo agency, you can immediately offer your customer the search engine services they need to fill the gaps in their web server traffic. A white label seo prevents you from having to direct your customers to spend money on other vendors. White label seo also costs you far less than building up your own in house ability to perform seo work. Costs aside, the speed white label seo offers can get you on track with your customer needs almost immediately.


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