White Label SEO VS Black Label SEO

As with any other type of marketing or competition in business, there is always a good way to do things and a bad way to do things. This is often referred to as white label SEO and black label SEO. The concept of SEO is to use keywords a certain amount of times in an intelligent and well thought out article. This will in turn bring traffic to your website.

For those that do this the honest way, it is called white label SEO. It requires skill and effort to balance the number of times that keywords are used and still allows the article to flow freely. The opposite of that is black label SEO. This involves simply stringing a series of keywords together that google searches for on a regular basis. These are often a series of words and mean nothing at all to a potential reader. The purpose of these types of SEO is simply to drive traffic to a site in hopes that someone will click an advertisement or purchase some product on the site. The problem with this black label method is that more and more internet users want real content, not just a bunch of words stuck on a page.

White label SEO will bring traffic to a web site as well as to keep them coming back one time after another. Black label SEO is actually a bit of a legal issue with the phrase “keyword stuffing” thrown around. One should always keep in mind that utilizing white label SEO is the most effective way to build a trusting relationship with your customers.

One of the best ways to find white label SEO is to hire a writer or an SEO reseller company. Utilizing their SEO skills is what internet and website writers do everyday. They have training to create works of art as well as effective trafficking tools for future white label SEO.

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